Avail Prepaid Credit Card Immediately.

Strictly speaking, this is a credit-based prepaid credit card. If you lose your prepaid credit card: lock the card immediately. Notes on blocking prepaid credit cards. Charge your money instantly with “INSTANT” and “Giropay” and “epay voucher” in the wallet on your smartphone in a few minutes and you’re ready to go.

Block prepaid credit card

Block prepaid credit card

Similar to real cards, prepaid credit cards should also be blocked in case of loss (loss or theft) immediately after becoming aware. Only after the credit card has been blocked will you incur further damage from the use of your credit card. It is advisable to note the time and location at which the prepaid credit card was lost.

The fastest way is to block the prepaid credit card directly from the card issuer. All prepaid credit card blocking services will ultimately pass your blocking request only to the issuing house bank. Here are the numbers to lock your prepaid credit card: The prepaid credit of LBB: You can find more options on our website: The main credit cards: Prepaid credit card, VISA Free, MasterCard Free.

Multimedia MasterCard – Virtual Prepaid MasterCard

Multimedia MasterCard - Virtual Prepaid MasterCard

With the virtual prepaid MPass MasterCard payments can be made in all MasterCard accepting online shops. As with a conventional credit card, they have a card number with an expiration date and a two-digit security code. The personal mpass customer area and the mpass app on the phone can view the virtual credit card numbers. The Virtualmass MasterCard was issued via the cooperation partner Wirecard.

To use the quasi prepaid MasterCard the money had to be reloaded beforehand. This can be done by bank transfer,  by standing order. The issue of the electronic card MasterCard by the company med. This means that the electronic card MasterCard was issued without a credit check because your expenses were always debited immediately from your mpass account via the MasterCard electronic card. As a result, at the end of the month, they had no line of credit or payment term as with traditional cards.

Those who prefer to pay by direct debit, can also use the electronic MasterCard debit card, which was also abused as a means of payment by the company.



Global Economic Acceptance: With your credit card you are welcome to over 43 million sales outlets around the world. Wherever you find the contactless symbol, you can keep your credit card at the payment terminal for a short time and the money has already been deposited. For small quantities without PIN input – uncomplicated, fast and reliable. To shop and pay on the Internet without restrictions and restrictions, you must register for 3-D Secure.

This allows you to conveniently control and bill online payments via the smartphone app (3-D Secure). If you have made your purchase with your credit card, you will receive the difference of up to USD 1’000 per year. Querying the current credit card limits and much more. Easy and convenient way – a real advantage. Securicard handles all revocation requests for your registered credit, debit and user cards, including ID card and SMS, in a single call.

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